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Announcing the "Y" Series


After several years of COVID-19 and the Global Chip Shortage, we are very excited to announce the introduction of two new Models: the Faraday Y1 and Y2.  Note that they are still in development and some specifications and features are subject to change.

  • Graphical Display with Editor

  • Alto-Sized


  • Two Models:

    • Y1:  Controller-Only

    • Y2: built-in ZaeroDyne Synth and Audio Outs.

We are taking refundable deposits now.

The Y1 is expected to ship in August 2024, and the Y2 a few months after that.

The eCorder Faraday “Y” series is an all-electronic Alto-size recorder, designed to take you from standard recorder playing to infinity and beyond. It plays just like a standard recorder, but can be played in any key and any octave, from Sub-Contra-Bass to Garklein. It features both Standard and USB MIDI, for use with any hardware or software synthesizer. Further extending the capabilities of the acoustic recorder, it has extra holes and sensors to play an additional octave higher and lower, and is equipped with an accelerometer to sense up/down and left/right tilting (which can be flexibly mapped to almost any parameter) as well as two additional configurable buttons / pads for the left Pinky. It features a high-bandwidth pressure sensor for exquisitely precise breath sensing and capacitive finger sensors for the same no-force feel as an acoustic recorder, and also supports flattement.   A Graphical Display shows the selected sound, and editor buttons and knob allow fine-tuning. The Y2 model also features a built-in ultra-low-latency (sub-millisecond) physical-modelled synthesizer that provides realistically accurate emulation of the acoustic recorder.


New PCB's and New Body Parts

The first development revisions of the PCBs is well underway.


In the Works

A few early prototypes of the "Y" Series!


Modular Design

A few components of the new modular design which will flexibly facilitate future features.

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